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How clinical decision support systems (CDSS) is the right tool for Physicians? George Kolostoumpis

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George Kolostoumpis (BSc, MSc, PhD), he currently serving in Health Sector use of technology, to facilitate the practice of evidence – based medicine promises to substantially improve health care quality. His research interests include e-health, m-health, Bioinformatics, Clinical Decision Support Systems, and systematic reviews in health technology assessments health services, research quality improvement service quality, social implications of health technologies. Since 2007, he joined Scientific Expert for Research & Innovation Projects of EU programme under FP7, Horizon 2020, ERC, ERAfrica and other EU bodies and organizations

A clinical decision support system has been defined as an “active knowledge” systems, which use two or more items of patient data to generate case-specific advice.CDSS is to assist physicians at the point of care, this means that doctors interact with CDSS to help, to analyse, and reach a diagnosis on, patient data. In early days CDSS were conceived of as being used to literally make decisions for the physicians. The users of CDSS would input the information and wait for the CDSS to output the "right" choice and the physicians would simply act on that output. However, the modern CDSS is an assistance to the physicians interact with the CDSS, utilizing both their own knowledge and the CDSS, to make a better analysis of the patient's data than either human or CDSS could make on their own. Typically, a CDSS makes suggestions for physicians to look through, and the physicians is to expect to pick out useful information from the presented results and discount erroneous CDSS suggestions. We believe that CDSS delivered using information systems, ideally with the electronic medical record as the platform, will finally provide decision makers with tools making it possible to achieve large gains in performance, narrow gaps between knowledge and practice, and improve safety.
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